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Welcome to Dan Kenner Research

DAN KENNER, Ph.D. L.Ac. is a writer and consultant in alternative health care. He is licensed to practice Oriental Medicine in Japan and the U.S. Since 1983 he has endeavored to integrate the naturopathic medical traditions of North America and Europe with the traditional medicine of East Asia. With a knowledge of Japanese, French, German, written Japanese and Chinese he has consulted and trained with leading clinicians on three continents and collected books, journals, conference notes and other written material as source material for both writing and clinical practice. Dr. Kenner has books and articles in print and several new titles to appear in 2009.


  • Learn new perspectives and approaches to health-related issues
  • Find out about how various health conditions are treated in other countries using non-toxic natural medicine and using other systems and models of health and disease.
  • Find out detailed information about hard-to-find products